Niche Productions is an events and marketing company that caters to Toronto’s dj-culture community. Veterans to guerrilla marketing, well-practiced at venue and restaurant marketing, with an ear for sound and an eye for talent, and not to forget the willingness to push the boundaries, Niche is on its way to hosting a new-wave of unforgettable events. Based in Toronto, Ontario and affiliated in many major Canadian cities.

The team behind Niche is innovative, fresh and vibrant. We can collaborate your function into an existing event such as our monthly concerts or weekly club night, producing an event with you or bring your company on as a sponsor. Niche is well connected in the events, music and hospitality network of Canada and will gladly connect you in the most efficient way for any type of event.
Fundraisers and charity events interest us and we would love to help bring awareness to your cause.

Need a venue? Need entertainment? Have an idea and don’t know where to start? We will take your event from beginning to end!


Event Types – Artist and Concert Productions, Club Nights, Restaurant and Venue Promotional Campaigns, Weekly Gatherings, Networking Meetups, Holiday Parties, Staff Functions, Sponsored Events, Club Nights, Kid’s Parties, Anniversaries, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Birthdays, Fundraisers, Charity Events, Comedy, Lectures, Presentations, Boat Cruises, Picnics, Festivals and Trade Show Booths.

Event Idea and Reasoning, Analysis, Proposing, Budgetting, Sponsors and Features

Securing Venues, Catering, Licensing, Sound, Artists and Entertainment, Promotional Team and Material (T-shirts, Invitations, Flyers, Posters, E-vites), Media, Outfitting and Staffing

Onsite Execution Set Up Of Event, Overseeing, Ensuring Flawless Results, Photography, Networking, Branding, Team on Site, Tear Down and Follow Up


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